10 Most Evil Anime Tyrants

These vicious anime rulers will not hesitate to pursue their own goals, even if it means harming their own subjects.

Different individuals tend to act differently when in positions of leadership or authority, establishing the basic nature of their rule. As characters in anime are usually there to serve a significant hostile purpose, the merciless side of this position is frequently revisited. They instill dread in their opponents as well as their subjects, treating both sides with equal contempt.

These characters can take the appearance of ordinary individuals or even magical beings, and their prominence is enhanced by their ludicrous strength. They are also vicious, heartless dictators who will not hesitate to harm their own people even if it means causing them pain.


Kagemitsu Daigo – Dororo

Kagemitsu was a guy who craved power and held the position of Lord of Ishikawa in the middle of the Muromachi period in Japan. Kagemistu made a deal with 12 demons to give them the bodily parts of his newborn son, Hyakkimaru, in exchange for expanding his sphere of influence and, one day, ideally, ruling over the entirety of the country. After that, they were let wild all throughout the land, and wherever they went, they wreaked mayhem.

Even though it is arguable that he had the best interests of his region in mind, the techniques that he used were not the finest possible ones. Kagemitsu did not consider it beneath his dignity to order his forces to murder helpless people, regardless of their age, gender, or social standing. When he found out that Hyakkimaru was on a mission to rid the world of bad spirits, he didn’t hesitate to go after the young man. He didn’t mind letting the demons have their way as long as he could achieve his goals.



Charles Zi Britannia – Code Geass

Charles was the 98th Emperor of the British Empire and the leader of the world’s most formidable military force. He saw humanity as a doomed race doomed to perpetual conflict, and as a result, he tried to destroy the current state of the planet.

Charles believed that abolishing free will and integrating the consciousnesses of the living and dead was the only way to assure eternal peace. However, the irony of his methods was obvious. He inflicted enormous hardship and ruin to the territories he took over, although claiming to be pursuing world peace. He also exiled his own children, Lelouch and the blind Nunally, after an attack on the Imperial Palace killed their mother.


Baraggan Louisenbairn – Bleach

A mighty creature that was generally unrivaled in the realm of the hollows, Baraggan was the previous God-king of Hueco Mundo and the ruler of Las Noches. He was also the ruler of Las Noches. Later on, an outsider named Aizen was able to defeat him, but even after that, he didn’t show any concern for his fellow Espada. He personifies death, and as such, constantly demeans his adversaries on the basis of the limited scope of their existence, which he uses as an excuse for his behavior.

In spite of the fact that he was still the King of Hueco Mundo, not much evidence of Baraggan’s genuine leadership abilities could be found. On the other hand, it was clear that he did not respect his position or esteem people who worked for him. He claimed to be exceedingly bored and said that if he had been in charge of his army, he would have divided it into two different groups and encouraged them to kill each other.


Lordgenome – Gurren Lagann

Lordgenome initially resembled the heroes of the Gurren Lagann narrative. Earlier in his life, he waged war on the anti-spirals and sought to eradicate them for the good of humanity. However, after he learned about the spiral nemesis, he abandoned all chance of triumph and chose to push humanity underground in order to eliminate the usage of spiral power.

Despite being a human himself, he made a deal with the anti-spirals and created beastmen to exterminate any humans they encountered on the earth’s surface. He also frequently abducted girls from a certain town to bear his progeny and, in most cases, killed them before they reached maturity. He may have had great intentions in the past, but his mentality eventually deteriorated into that of a vicious tyrant.

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Meruem – Hunter x Hunter

Meruem’s contacts with Komugi and his battle with Netero gave rise to the most of Meruem’s fascinating personality traits. Before those occurrences, he was a crude individual who placed himself above all others.

As soon as he left his mother’s womb, his priorities were crystal apparent, as he completely disregarded the excruciating suffering he had caused her. The Chimera Ant King then proceeded to execute two more members of his species for conduct that were hardly offenses. Even though he viewed and considered humans as cattle, he treated his fellow Chimera Ants poorly for the majority of his youth.


Muzan Kibutsuji – Demon Slayer

Muzan is the father of all demons. In the world of Demon Slayer, he is called the Demon King. He has been around for about a thousand years and is the strongest of his kind. He makes demons by giving a certain amount of his blood to humans. The rest of their lives, they will either swear to be loyal to him forever or be very afraid of him.

He is a very proud being who won’t think twice about killing the demons he makes if they don’t live up to his standards. On one occasion, he killed several members of the Lower Ranks without mercy because he wasn’t happy with their work and didn’t need them anymore. He is also very strict with the Upper Ranks, as Akaza found out when he was criticized for not doing more after killing a hashira.


Donquixote – One Piece

Doflamingo, the ostentatiously dressed captain of the Doflamingo Pirates, is a manipulative, cunning, and powerful character. Prior to his imprisonment, he acted as the king of Dressrosa and was actually liked by many of his people. However, this was due to the fact that they were unaware of the true state of their country.

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Frieza – Dragon Ball

Frieza is a harsh and ruthless monster with an ego to match his immense strength. He is one of Goku’s most iconic opponents, with an insatiable drive for power, devastation, and glory. Frieza also holds the title as Emperor of Universe 7, which he inherited from his father.

He commands a vast army that he considers expendable at best. He punishes his warriors severely and will exterminate them if his displeasure is deep enough. Even when he’s flawless, he doesn’t mind killing hundreds of warriors as collateral damage, as shown when he destroyed Planet Vegeta and battled Goku in Dragon Ball Super.


Fritz The First – Attack On Titan

Fritz ruled Eldia for almost 2,000 years before the events of Attack on Titan. He was a vicious man who would assault communities and execute disobedient slaves by cutting their corpses. He had a ravenous need for authority and believed his people would maintain global dominance long after his death.

As the first monarch to discover the titans’ might, he wasted no time in turning it into a lethal instrument. Ymir, the original bearer, was so intent on passing the torch on to the next generation that he had his own children devour their mother and turn to cannibalism after his death.


Kaido – One Piece

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Kaido is the Beast Pirates’ leader as well as the man who invaded Wano. He turned the country into a living nightmare for the majority of its citizens, pushing many into hard labor and leaving a significant population impoverished. The only rich section in the country appeared to be the Flower Capital, yet even there, residents were forced to have money or suffer banishment.

The strong pirate also established factories all around the country to produce artificial devil fruits. This action ended up poisoning the majority of the country’s waterways and turning its farmland barren, further aggravating the residents’ anguish.

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